History of Google

Google Inc. was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page while both attended Stanford University. They own about 16 percent of the company’s stake. The first time they have met each other was in year 1995 and only one year later the first search engine was built. The engine used links to determine the importance of individual webpages. Its mission was to ‘organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. Besides, advertising revenues generate almost all of the company’s profits.

Their Technology, Products and Services

Google offers a wide range of products and services. Due to this fact, I concentrate in this part on the most recent ones. Google was once only known for their search engine, until it expanded. The web search was the first product Google has done, searching billion of web pages. It also instantly translates texts, web pages and files between over 50 languages. Google Chrome is a new browser which is known for its high speed, security and simplicity.

Nowadays, Google provides Internet-related products and services, including internet search, cloud computing and software. Rapid growth since incorporation has triggered a chain of products, acquisitions, and partnerships beyond the company’s core web search engine. Online productivity software including email, an office suite, and social networking are offered by the company. The Android, which is an open source mobile operating system, was developed by Google. It can be used by handset manufacturers to install their devices and by developers to create applications for mobile devices. Google also provides Chrome browser for web browsing. Google is collaborating with several Original Equipment Manufacturers to bring computers running Chrome OS. Google serves the Enterprise market through hosted web-based applications called Google Apps. Google Apps include Gmail, Google Sites, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Due to its cooperation with major electronics manufacturers, the company has increasingly become a hardware company.







Google’s business model

According to Marissa Mayer (the ex senior leader of Google’s business), the business model of Google basically breaks to a few points. Key activities are innovation marking Google to the leader within its business. It is also really important to give every employee the license to be creative. About 20% of their work time is dedicated to generate ideas due to Google’s policy for their employees. A result is the culture of new product developments can be seen, that Google products and services are launched more often than in any other company. Furthermore, the company focuses on how to achieve a further advance of their promised value. It is also important to keep an intense focus on the users of Google. ‘If you don’t concentrate on you users, somebody else will’, is one of the statements of Marissa Mayer. Another important thing of Google is that they try to delight their customers with surprises. For instance the search engine is filled with surprises. They might be not delightful, but at least the company’s sense of humor is shown. Mostly everybody using a search engine uses Google. Therefore, it is available in 140 languages. Due to Google’s innovation, a net giant was established. Advertisement is the main income source of Google. They make money from advertisers who are interested in reaching out to online users. Google helps them create text-based Ads through Google Adwords– a self-serve auction-based advertising program. These ads appear next to the search results. The Cost per Click basis is the most common way, advertisers pay Google. The company helps advertisers extend their Ad campaigns to the Google Network members’ websites through its Adsense program. Google Network members get a share of Ad revenues in return. Google provides Display Advertising services through DoubleClickadvertising technology. Display advertising comprises of video, text, images, and other interactive ads. Display ads appear on Youtube, Google Finance, and Google Network member websites.

Suggestion for the future

What comes up from Google must be excellent. Google builds products making the web better and therefore customers experience on the web better. Due to their beliefs, there are endless possibilities on the Internet itself. For instance I have heard about a project called ‘Glass’. It might be the next form factor of computing. Right now, many people are willingly beholden to their smartphones with all the web browsing, twittering etc. Human interaction has all but faded away. Glass is the way to change this trend by keeping people in the moment. So you might can do both at the same time, interacting with people and browsing on the internet.

But whatever technology the company will come up to, its technologies, products and services, it supposed to make our everyday life simpler.