What is creativity?

Why is creativity important? Well first, we need to know what creativity is. Due to some researchers creativity involves fluency and flexibility of thinking, originality, perceptiveness of problems, and the ability to redefine and elaborate. Personality attributes that make one more creative, including tolerance for uncertainty, willingness to overcome obstacles, openness to growth, possession of personal motivation and acceptance of sensible risk-taking are also pointed out by the reseachers.


Why is creativity important?

People need to be inventive and flexible due to prosper in the midst of rapid scientific and technological advancement for societies. Therefore, it is important for adolescents to be creative thinkers in order to keep up with today’s accelerating social and technological developments. But creativity does not only affect new technological achievements. Mental health practitioners have also discovered that creative activities can serve to safeguard children from stress. Creative thinking allows both young people and adults to avoid boredom, resolve personal conflict, cope with increasing consumer choice, accept complexity and ambiguity to make independent judgments, use leisure time constructively, and adjust to the rapid development of new knowledge.