Google Goggles was created by the Google Inc. It is available on App Stores of Google Mobiles. It is an image recognition application which can be downloaded for smart phones which is available on App Stores of Google Mobiles.

With Google Goggles the customer is able to get directly information about a product, building, person, etc.

Pictures which are taken by handheld devices are used to find information in the internet and provide them immediately to the customer. Also barcodes can be scanned and information about the products are available.


1. Create a business model


2. Explore the value proposition and revenue

Google Goggles value proposition is clearly defined as an innovative and future based technology which eases the live of customers. Information can be delivered immediately. Therefore the customer is able to safe time, important information are available without long searching and additional services such as price and availability checks of competitors. Product information can be easily found as well as ingredients and information about the producer.

Because the customer is always looking for technologies which ease its life, Google Goggles is a great opportunity to save time and money. The revenue will increase in the future as soon as more its technology is improved and competitive enough.

3. Innovate Google Goggles with SCAMPER!

Substitute: use sunglasses and cameras

Combine: software with coupons for touristic attractions

Adapt: software for many customer related uses such as for allergic persons to identify several plants

Magnify: development of fashion and increased use of high tech

Put to other use: increase software for internet banking

Eliminate: ugly glasses, problems with the internet connection as well as battery and service problems